First Generation of AI Employees

AI employees collaborate with human colleagues on a comprehensive platform that includes all essential tools, from sales functionalities to others, enabling them to perform their duties effectively.

Sally, The Sales Rep

Accelerate Your Outbound Sales Growth at Scale

Discovers leads with 250 million contacts & 65 data points

Writes & sends bespoke email sequences to 1000s of prospects

Replies to prospects' questions

Books meetings into SDRs' calendars

Mark, The Marketer

Amplify Your Growth Without Huge Overheads

Creates & executes multi-channel marketing campaigns

Real-time generative customer journeys, segmentation for one-to-one hyper-personalization, and

Learns from your team & builds a world model of your company

Uses advanced data analytics to optimize for ROI and give actionable insights about your customer behavior

Rema, The Recruiter

Put Your Hiring Process On


Headhunts candidates according to criteria you give her

Centralizes, reviews, ranks and schedules meetings with applicants

Automates candidate engagement with personalized messaging & follow ups

Integrates with Application Tracking System

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We’re Creating Highly Advanced AI Employees, Called AgentProd, Using Cutting-Edge AI Technology.

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